Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Everyone welcome Midland.

According to my site meter he has checked out my blog.

I really don't want him reading it but he already knows how psycho, scandalous, and boy crazy I am. So go ahead read on, NOTHING in here I haven't told you.

So yeah you're no longer talking to me and Im off your myspace friend's list AGAIN, but you can still come on here and read about EVERYTHING that's happening in my life. Sneaky, sneaky.

Im pretty sure it's about to get really scandalous in this little blog of mine.

I mean seriously, if you're trying to be all sneaky like and be really proud of yourself that you are able to spy on me. Well newsflash: Im going to those things that make me, "Just another Austin slut," even more.

You know what you're going to hate the most though? Im not going to be, " just another austin slut." Im going to be THE austin slut. Cause if you're going to do something god damn it, you better do it bigger and better than the Austin slut right next to you.

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