Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Saturday Nights At Vicci

Go there if you'd like to meet every single man I've had sex dated in the last ten months.

Panama was there. He came to say hi, he was drunk. I ignored him, but why, why did he have to kiss my cheek?

Why did he have to come bump into me while he was dancing and give me that sexy look?

His friends also came and said hi. Why were they upset that I walked right past them and I didn't say hi? Hello, maybe because you're friend is a fucker.

Also in attendance was Colombia. Who waved and I didn't even wave back to. Apparently me hanging up on him last week and erasing his number off my phone means nothing to him, but whatever.

Most importantly ladies and gentlemen in attendance was that new boy. We'll call him UT. He's a 21 y/o mechanical engineering major at UT. He's in love with me, really the boy doesn't know any better.

He just happened to be there with his friends and I managed to avoid him most of the night, but it was actually pleasant when I ran into him. He's very sweet and he makes me feel sexy. That's nice.

We went out on a nice date Sunday and although I don't see anything serious happening with him, Im glad I have someone who I can spend time with cuddling. It feels good.

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