Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The shin splints have struck! They fing hurt people. I got up once again to run this morning at the butt crack of dawn only to almost collapse while jogging because the shin splints, they attacked. Hard.

It's probably not smart that Im wearing heels today either, but damm. Yes, I stretched so no it's not that.

According to Rice University:

"The treatment for shin splints is rest."

Ummm no, that's not going to work for me. Im on Operation: Shakira
as In Im putting in two hours of jogging every day for the next two weeks. I know, I know I need rest in between. This is Operation: Shakira which basically winds down to me wanting to lose some weight quickly before the Shakira concert in San Antonio next week. After that I plan on reducing my running to 5 days a week and only once a day.

They also suggest:

"One can often substitute cross-training activities (e.g., bicycling) for running to help increase the interval between running days."

That's not going to work either, I hate, hate, hate to bike.


"However the most important preventive strategy is not to repeat the mistakes that lead to the injury. Examine all the training variables – surface, shoes, training volume, intensity, workout type, hills, weather conditions, etc."

Surface: Im running on asphalt, ouch! I hate to run in-doors though, yuck the threadmill. Plus I like the hills.

Shoes: I have kick ass running shoes. So no it's not them.

Training volume: I've run three times in less than two days, so this is probably my problem. However, I already told you about Operation: Shakira.

Intensity: It can't be this cause I've been taking it semi-easy, I want to be hot but I don't want to die.

Work out type: Huh? I thought we were talking about running.

Hills: Yeah I run lots of those, it makes my ass hot. So no Im not giving them up and well I can't really make the hills go away.

Weather conditions: Maybe the humidity irritates the shin splints?

The final piece of advise:

"Seek help from a qualified trainer or coach."

Yeah I don't have money for that.


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Snippy said...

I've been suffering from a shin splint on the right leg since kickball last week. So, MY plans to run twice a day haven't even BEGUN. >:(

I biked Sunday to try to get some exercise in, but it's hardly the same.