Friday, September 22, 2006

Do you remember what today is?

Shakira night! Im so excited.

In other news Team Ramrod was defeated again last night. Santi and Snippy report the score as 8-0 I had a message from one of The Jerks we played last night, no really that's their name. He said the score was 11-0 but that we were a lot fun and that our catcher aka Bob was funny as hell. She really is funny when she plays kickball.

I also have to report that Im quite smitten with Dentist. Now if only he lived in Austin, but that can be forgiven seeing as him being away has to do with him completing Dental school. Im all up for long distance as long as in the end I become a Dr's wife. haha

I really like him though, I like him as much as I did the first time I saw him in Government class senior year. Im drooling almost as much now as I did back then, ok maybe a little more because he's going to be a dentist.

Ok Internet, seriously. I like him a lot. Just when I think he's going to dissapoint me or say something stupid, he says something wonderful and leaves with butterflies inside.

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