Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Damn his Mom for walking in on us

That is my hot Prom date. We've been talking a lot. He dumped me hard core after prom. I took embarrasment for that guy, his Mom caught us making out, it was all down hill from there. We were laughing so hard about it today.

He's such an awesome guy though. Im crushing on him like I was in HS. Oh the butterflies. The only problem is he is in FL. The REALLY GOOD THING, he is in FL in Dental school. The even better thing his parents LOVE me.

NO seriously his Mom would talk to me more on the phone then he would. When my Brother needed serious dental work after his accident FOUR years later his Dad performed all of it for free, cause his Mom LOVES me.

But the ALMOST VERY BEST thing, is he is even hotter now than he was back then and we have a date for drinks when he comes back for Xmas.

Because we can all agree by looking at those pictures that THE VERY BEST THING is that the whole, I have highlights that make my head look like a whole flock of pigeons took big fat shits on me is NOT HOT ANYMORE.

So in conclusion kids:

Operation: Shakira is now Operation: Make Dentist fall in love with me

And this time if his Mom walks in when we're making out, Im going to tell her to please turn off the lights and shut the door. HAHA.

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