Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Weekend Recap July 21st-23rd

Arlette's Last Weekend in Austin.

I know you guys have been waiting for it, or not, but here it is anyway.


I had one goal in mind, to make out with a random guy. I've never done it before and well the #1 reason was really because Panama had warned me repeatedly the night before to be good while he was gone. Hah. Panama has no idea who he was talking to, I was originally planning on behaving on my own but just because HE told me to I decided to do exactly the opposite. If he wants to play games I'll play along, but Im going to play the game better.

I finally convinced Diana to get out some so Diana, Arlette, Marissa and I headed dt. We decided to go to 6th but at some point we decided that Foundation sounded better. We weren't planning on staying at Foundation long, but I made eye contact with a boy, flirted with the boy, and I had found the boy I was going to make out with. I didn't drink too much, but at some point in the night a random guy at the bar bought Arlette and I yager bombs. Santi knows that I always refuse yager bombs, even free yager bombs but I was going to be bad, so I had to go all out.

What the Yager Bomb did:
I got really friendly with Foundation boy, even though I never do that in public. Don't worry no kissing, well just on the cheek.

I didn't want to go home so the Yager Bomb convinced me that Arlette and I should go party with Foundation boy and friends at his place.

Yager Bomb gets me wasted, I pass out.

Yager Bomb makes me forget the previous evening.

Yager Bomb makes me wake up wondering where the hell I am, who's bed Im in?

I finally remember who's bed Im in, but Im alone.

Yager Bomb apparently made me a bitch to the guy, so he got none (this is good), and I made him sleep on the floor of his own room cause, "I sure as hell wasn't going to sleep with a boy I didn't know in his bed."

I know im a bitch, but you have to admit that's pretty damn funny. Oh and yes I capitalized yager bomb, this Yager Bomb had a life of it's own apparently.

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Arlete and I spent all saturday recovering, by going to the mall. I bought a really cute kimono style dress to wear to Vicci that night.

Vicci was great, I flirted shamelessly all night. We scored a lot of free drinks, and in honor of Arlette's last weekend in town I even let uglies buy us drinks. We ended up seeing two of Panama's friends that evening, well actually we saw them at Foundation the night before too. They apparently were trying to avoid us because they were asses. We thought they were nice guys, which is why we talked to them despite of the fact that they are ugly. Oh well at least they'll serve a purpose cause Im sure they will relay to Panama how scandalous I was all weekend.

We ended up meeting a super hot guy from Puerto Rico and his ok looking white guy friend. Since it was Arlette's last weekend in town I let her keep the hot one and I danced with the white boy. They ended up being really nice, and we had a great time dancing with them until they kicked us out of Vicci at 3:30 a.m.

Do you remember how big of a bitch I can be?

We walked out of Vicci and headed straight to the valet stand, only the valet guys were missing, as were all the keys in the valet box. Wtf? Vicci is my reg sat night spot and we always valet park, at 3:30 a.m. the valet guys are still getting cars. So I spotted one of them carrying his red shirt and vest.

So I go up to him pissed and ask where the hell our car is. He asks me what kind of car it is and once I tell him he hands me the keys out of all the other 10 sets he had. He tells me they are closed, and of course I inform him that they must have closed early today because the are NEVER done with valet by this time. I ask him where the car is and he says, somewhere on 3rd st? SOMEWHERE, on 3rd st? Ok yeah that's really helpful, do you know how many grey Honda Civics there are going to be on 3rd st in dt Austin? Do you realize that you just totally bailed out of your job early and that you are pissing off a Honduran woman? In the midsts of me screaming at him I notice that this guy is more drunk than I am. So I ask him if he's drunk, and at this point one of his friends informs me that they're allowed to drink too. Excuse me? IM NOT allowed to drink at my job and Im sitting down at a desk for 8 hours and YOUR FRIEND who is a VALET GUY is ALLOWED to DRINK on his job WHILE DRIVING MY CAR? I asked Valet guy who he is employed with and told him I was going to call monday morning and report him (yes, I did). How dare he drink and drive and get into other people's vehicles and think its perfectly ok, or even normal? I am pretty sure at this point I was about to take off my heels and hit him with them, so the guys were with and Arlette came over and told me to leave it alone and go find the car. They were able to make me go with them but only while I was screaming at the Valet guy the whole way down the fucking street. So we're on 3rd st and at this point I see one Honda Civic, go over to it, NOT IT. Great, this was going to be fun. Walk back to Arlette and the guys inform them that's not our Honda Civic and here comes my knight in shining armor, actually he was wearing a SIX shirt.

So I asked him if he knew were the valet lot for Vicci is, and he says yeah. This guy was so nice that he didn't point to it, or tell us where it was. He took us to it. We finally found the car and I promise I am going to go to SIX this weekend just to see this guy and give him a huge hug and a kiss. I love him.

As Arlette and I are driving home the guys we met at Vicci call and ask us what we were doing, we tell them we are driving home. They ask us where Arlette lives and we it happens that they live in the apt complex right across the st. They offered alochol and of course we said yes. It was a very mellow, low key, but fun time. We talked, well actually they made fun of how spicy, crazy, and latina I had gotten. I did get very latina, but damn I had a good fucking reason.


I spent all day recovering, I hid out in my room while my Mom had all her friends over for lunch and I didn't make my way out of the room until it was time for the Miss Universe pageant and Arlette came over and we pigged out.

At about midnight I got a call from Colombia. Colombia is this hot Colombian boy who I once dated, Colombia ended up being an ass. However, since I am not able to hold grudges he and I have been talking here there recently. Well we talked until 4:30 a.m. on Sunday. I swear I felt 16 all over again, who the hell talks on the phone that long? Well apparently a Honduran and a Colombian do because neither one of us knew how to just STFU.


Youthquake said...

good god that story gave me anxiety

Anonymous said...

Your an idiot. One yager bomb wouldnt make you pass out. Your obviously a slut and slept with some dude. Dont blame it on a delicious yager bomb.