Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Answered prayers.

Im sorry that once again I doubted that you would come through. I prayed so long for you to heal my heart, to make me whole on my own once again, to help me forget, to help me to not want, to help me move on. You have given me a blessing in disguise, you prepared me for it without me evening knowing. There is no sadness, loneliness, and yearning where I thought there would be. I thought I would be in despair, I thought there was no chance of me surving this thing. I didn't think I would come out in one piece. I know I do a lot of things that dissapoint you and because of that I tend to think you won't bother answering me. Why would you answer me? There are so many others that pray constantly, devote their life to you, and who live righteously. What I forgot is that you love us all the same and that you promised to not put us through something we couldn't get through. Thank you. I know my prayers aren't overlooked, I know my prayers aren't ever unanswered. I tend to forget that your time is not my time, and that your time is the right time. Thank you for keeping your promises even though I don't. I love you.

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